Thursday, January 12, 2012

Sayumi is THE BOSS

Our previous poll for "Who do you Prefer as the Next MM Leader: Sayumi VS Reina" has finally concluded and the votes are in~


Sayumi- 122 votes (57%)

Reina- 89 votes (42%)

Total votes: 211 votes

More fans prefer this cute and known to be the most narcissistic Morning Musume member to be the Next Leader after Gaki graduates~ And yeah! This girl is more than what she looks like. She may just be a pretty face in MM for some but to others this girl is quite caring towards the other members and has the capabilities and competence to keep the group together. She may look soft, cutesy, carefree or immature on the outside but let's not overlook the fact that these are the exact qualities she has that mostly contributes to her popularity. So maybe she could share some of those aspects and teach the younger members on how to project on stage and have that star quality and attract the peoples attention!! She may not be as good as Reina when it comes to vocals or talent or doesn't have that leader aura in her but who knows right???

Though personally, I am more favored to Reina ......Sayu might actually turn out to be a good leader someday!


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  1. I'm sure Sayu can become a good leader. :)