Thursday, January 12, 2012

Morning Musume- Pyoko Pyoko Ultra! PV

We finally get to see the PV featuring new 10th gen members~!!!!!!!!!

  • Initial reaction:
It's so... CUTE! Honestly, I'm just happy the line distribution was relatively balanced, Mizuki actually got a few good lines in!

  • Costumes:

I'm ok with the dresses, but i don't like the hats all to much, they only work on some people. The boots are odd but fit the costume, and I didn't like Gaki's dress with all the white puffy things on it, it was excessive and weird because she wasn't a particularly featured member in the song (though she also had a few good lines)

  • Song:
I honestly like this song. It's catchy, and has the same silly childish element as "Hyokkori Hyotan-jima" which is also a very fun (but a little out of place for Morning Musume)

  • Set:
The set, featuring a picket fence type dance shot and a cartoonish backdrop with projections of members on it were playful and fit both the song and the general concept.

  • 10th Generation MM:
While alot of people don't seem to take a shine to them, I like them alot~!!!! I just think they haven't been able to really do anything yet! The little I've seen of them so far, I'm impressed with. And while I do understand the complaints of them being a "rushed version of 9th gen" (with having 1 trained girl, 1 egg, 1 model, and 1 inexperienced girl) I think that, like any new members or new J-pop group, you really just need the time to get used to them, and see how different they are~!!!

  • Final Statement:
I love this PV because of the balance of voices, every member got at least 1 line, which is all I really ever ask for with H!P groups~! I liked it :3

Until next time, please enjoy "Pyoko Pyoko Ultra!" by Morning Musume:



  1. I think that this song was a little out of place for this Morning Musume; yes, it was childish and i do understand that Momusu has a lot of younger members now... but really? the chickie costume was cute with Ai and the 9th Gens but this is too much. Maji Desuka Ska was a good mix of cute and spunky, Pyoko Pyoko Ultra is too childish especially with the older memebrs.

    1. I get the same feel from Hyokkori Youtan-jima. I think that they'll pull back on the cutsie and move to a middle ground, kinda like Maji Desuka-ska! but who knows. I liked that it was about the newer members though, especially since i got to hear Mizuki's voice (FINALLY!)

  2. I love this! lol my only complaint is that Haruka, Erina and Masaki all kind of look the same lol

    apart from that its really catchy, really cute and a lot of fun to watch

  3. I smell MiniMoni all over this ^-^!!! I think Tsunku sama wanted the new girls to just get in the groove of things, so he had a song with easy dance moves, and the almost one line per person thing to help them. Sadly it's not a pv i would watch again, just listen too. On the other hand i think Tsunka sama is reverting back to the old days.

  4. Yay~ Fukumura-san FINALLY got some solo lines!! :)