Saturday, January 14, 2012

Maimai's Solo Song "Ike! Genki-kun"

Maimai sang her solo song titled "Ike! Genki-kun" last time from here Ustream show "Hagiwara Mai desu ga... Nani ka?".. This song is part of C-ute's "Dai Nana Sho Utsukushikutte Gomen Ne" track list..
Maybe everyone already watched this in her ustream show last time, and maybe watched it to the recorded one, but I still want to share this one because I really like it..
So, this is the very first solo song of Maimai nee, I'm so happy that she already got one, since she's my most favorite idol.. and I'm glad to hear that Nakky and Chisa will get one too.. I'm so excited to hear those songs..
Mai's song is so genki, just what the title said.. :)
It suits her amazing voice very well, and I just like it so much..
Thanks to the one who recorded her current ustream show since I always miss every single of them..
Hearing Mai's solo song for the first time made me so happy, so thank you!
What do you guys think of her very first solo song minna-san? :)
I cut it out using TubeChop so that we can easily watch her video easily enough..

Credits to:
TubeChop for helping me cut the video
and to the one who uploaded it Yumiriyana2-san!


  1. For me...
    I'm looking forward for Nacky singing her single. ^^

  2. Aww, it's so cute even though she looked nervous she sounded really nice. The song really suits her voice.