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Happy 8th Birthday Berryz Koubou~!

Today's is the 8th birthday of Berryz Koubou!
As everyone know, Berryz Koubou was announced as a group at a Hello!Project Club event last January 14, 2004. Omedetou~!
All 8 of them started as Hello!Project kids along with the other girls who are now in C-ute last 2002. 
It's been a very long 8 years, a very long 8 year- journey, they stayed consistent after Maiha left and continued schooling.. So, let's recall their past releases and see how awesome they are.. Check it out after the break!
[I got only a few time, so I'll only share you guys their singles because they are a LOT!] XD

They released their debut single "Anata Nashi de wa Ikite Yukenai" last March 3, 2004 having all 8 members..
They're so adorable!
Here's their PV!

Their 2nd single is... tadaaa~! "Fighting wa Date Janai!"
Check out this video too.. It's so cute and funny, seeing girls trying to have a celeb pose.. :P This one is released last April 28, 2004..

3rd one is.... "Piriri to Yukou" which was released last May 26, 2004.. They released singles everyone month that time nee..
This is such a genki song.. Sugoooi!

4th single is Happiness ~Koufuku Kangei!~ which was released last August 25, 2004. They got the theme of Chinese, and Risako is soooo adorable here! Here's brownish hair just makes her cute..

So cute!

5th single is "Koi no Jubaku" released last November 10, 2004
This song is one of my favorite, since it has a beautiful melody.. I like it so much!
and their PV is so awesome! Each of them really got a powerful voice.. and I got addicted to the line and the steps singing "Koi no jubaku!!" HAHA

6th single! tadaaa~! Special Generation! which was released last March 30, 2005
I was very shocked about what I discovered after watching this song's PV for the first time. I mean, Captain looks so young here, and I really thought that she's the YOUNGEST! HAHA.. I can't really believe that she's the oldest among of them! REALLY!! Captain's is sooo cute.. She danced very well in this one, so she really caught my attention from the very beginning of the video.. and since I still don't know who they are on that time, it will be very surprising..

Next next next! is their 7th single entitled "Nanchuu Koi wo Yatteruu YOU KNOW?" released last June 8, 2005.
Tsunku made a lot of awesome music videos from the last time, why can't he make another awesome video again? aaaaaaah~~!
Anyways, I'm liking the effect of their PV, so something.. :D

8th single is "21ji Made no Cinderella" released last August 3, 2005 and the last single of them as a 8-nin group.
Maiha then decided to graduate in the last performance of their fall concert tour 2005 which was last October 2, 2005.

9th single! "Gag 100kaibun Aishite Kudasai" which was released last November 23, 2005..
The first single of them as a 7-nin group.. Love the dance choreo.. So cute..

the 10th single is... "Jiriri Kiteru" which was released last March 29, 2006.
This song has a lot of emotions, and the PV is AWESOME! The dance shot is that cool..

the outfits are so cute.. they all look like a fairy nee..

11th single is Waracchaou you BOYFRIEND released last August 2, 2006.
It's funny that I didn't notice Risako with her bangs, while watching the PV, I was like "huh?! Who's that girl with the bangs?" HAHA, can't believe it's Risako, she's sooooo cute!

Is this their first PV using green screeen?

Next single is... "Munasawagi Scarlet"..  released last December 06, 2006.
Risako's look changed a little since this single, I think..  Maybe it's because of her changing hairstyle..??

Now will be the 13th single! "Very Beauty" released last March 7, 2007.
We can see the Berry(z) beauty.. :) Love Risako's outfit so much, the skirt reminds me of Momusu's Kanashimi Twilight..

14th single is............. "Kokuhaku no Funsui Hiroba" released last june 27, 2007
Berryz starts to have some mature songs nee.. I really like this one.. Since they're growing up, we can expect a lot of different songs from them.. and not only genki songs..

Next is their 15th single "Tsukiatteru no ni Kataomoi" released last November 28, 2007.
I can imagine Charmy while looking at Risako (in this photo!). I like the setting of the PV, so... uhmmm.. oh-uh.. I'm speechless! :)

We are now in the 16th single! minna-san! This one is called "Dschinghis Khan" released last March 12, 2008. This is their highest selling single, nee?
The making of the PV would be so interesting to watch. Those kids sure are lucky being in the making of Berryz's single PV, and yet, the first ones to listen! I'll watch the making of after finishing this post.. :)

Single #17! is Yuke Yuke Monkey Dance! released last July 9, 2008.
See the Berryz (Koubou) kawaii monkeys dance! Momo is the cutest monkey while Maasa is the adorable one.. :)

Next is the 18th single "Madayade" released last November 5, 2008.
"Mada-mada-mada-mada-mada-mada-madayade!", Like the song! NOW I'm getting addicted! >.<

The 19th single is "Dakishimete Dakishimete" released last March 11, 2009. I admire this one, it has the rockish feeling? or punky-ness? I just like it.. :)
Chinami's look during the PV really caught my eye.. She's pretty cute..

Now, we have the 20th single which is a double A-side. They are "Seishun Bus Guide" and "Rival" released last June 3, 2009..
Berryz as students[boys] who like their bus guide, that's something. Seeing Risako catching her breath while looking at the bus guide is sooooo... :0 :)

2nd A-side is "Rival"..
Hear the Berryz' sweetest voice.. 

21st single is also double A-side which are "Watashi no Mirai no Danma-sama" and "Ryuusei Boy".. released last November 11, 2009.

Berryz got their 3rd consecutive double A-side single which was their 22nd single "Otakebi Boy WAO!" and "Tomodachi wa Tomodachi Nanda". released last March 3, 2010.
This single got the strongest, and the deepest voice the group made. It really fascinated me and I like it. Berryz can do anything, nee..?

They said that this song is dedicated to Maiha, isn't that sweet? XD 

Here we are in the 23rd single "Maji Bomber!!" released last July 14, 2010.

Next next next is their 24th single "Shining Power", it is one of my favorite, and Yurina's is so adorable with her look. Released last November 10, 2010
Theire dance steps in the chorus really made me dance... It's catchy..

25th single! Heroine ni Narou ka? nee, nee, nee! released last March 2, 2011
Now that's what I'm talking about, an awesome PV of Berryz Koubou! I really like seeing every member got a solo shot while dancing, and Miya's shot is the best..

26th single is... "Ai no Dangan" which was released last June 8, 2011.
One of the coolest single they released, and I like how the vocals worked in this song. Risako's voice really is amazing. The PV effects are totally amazing.. I got a "WOW!" in my face when watching it.

27th single is "Aa, yo Ga Kaeru" released last August 10, 2011.
One of the most mature songs? and PVs? I just admire it, and everyone looks so beautiful and amazing. 

That's already a very long post! but wait! Berryz Koubou will be having their 28th single this coming March 21, 2012. It's called "Be Genki <Naseba Naru!>"
Berryz Kamen is coming back! Let's all look forward to it!
We got a preview too!
Let's hear it out!

Last year, they got a collaboration with C-ute, and another one as MoBeKiMaSu.
With C-ute, they got "Amazuppai Haru Ni Sakurasaku" which was released last November 9, 2011.

and "Busu ni Naranai Tetsugaku" along with the other H!P groups that formed the special unit called MoBeKiMaSu..

While writing this very looong post, I realized how great BK is. Honestly, I don't really follow them, not like a stalker, but just not a big fan. I'm just a FAN. But as I started viewing their PVs and hearing their songs from the beginning to the latest, I really realize that they are amazing. I discovered C-ute first, and heard that Berryz koubou is their rival. Which made me feel bad or not liking them.. But they changed my mind after seeing Special Generation PV, it really Wowed me.. You can see how they developed theirselves, and yes, they're amazing.. I'm a fan of them, and I'm a big one now.. :) Also, when I'm studying about them, it made me feel better that C-ute and Berryz are true friends. You guys might wonder why I got a lot of impressions in some of their PVs, such as about Captain in Special Generation, and Chinami in Dakishimete Dakishimete, that's because I'm not yet familiar about their faces and names, that's why.. :)

I made a photo timeline ever since 2004 until now.. Check it out! (Top right to left, and go down, and continue to the right..)
Saki Shimizu, mostly known as Captain. 

Momoko Tsugunaga, known as Momochii, a very cute girl, she is the leader of Buono!
Chinami Tokunaga, a very sweet idol that everyone loves.
Maasa Sudou, also known as Rabi-chan! or also Maa-chan too..
Miyabi Natsuyaki, a very beautiful idol that everyone wants to see..
Yurina Kumai, the tallest girl in Hello!Project..
Risako Sugaya, an idol who got a very strong voice that will impress everyone..

Happy 8th Birthday to Berryz Koubou!
It is surely a very long wonderful years for them, and look at them now, grown up and look so beautiful. Let's keep supporting them minna-san! 

to end the post, I'll share you a very lady-like photo, with some Berryz Trivias I found.. :)
Tadaaaa~! Notice her? [I shared this photo to H!P page few weeks ago..]

Berryz Trivias!
  • To announce their major debut, they held a press conference at Nakano Sun Plaza on January 14th, however they officially debuted on March 3rd the Japanese Doll Festival (雛祭り, Hinamatsuri), also known as Girls’ Day, which is held on March 3rd (the third day of the third month).
  • The girls didn’t know about their group name, Berryz Koubou, until day of its announcement to the public. They first saw the name on their costumes, but they couldn’t read the Kanji and were wondering what it was.
  • For their debut single, Anata Nashi de wa Ikite Yukenai, they spent a lot of time learning the choreography. Now they only need a few lessons for each new dance (approximately 4 or less).
  • Their goal for 2007 was to appear on Kouhaku Uta Gassen, and they achieved it.
  • Nozomu Iwao, a famous Japanese comedian of the duo “Football Hour”, is a fan of Berryz. He often talks about them in the shows he’s invited on (he even made a parody of Kokuhaku no Funsui Hiroba, in which he played Sugaya Risako, his favorite member).
  • Everyone in Berryz Koubou was born in Heisei Era, which is the current era in Japan (and began on January 8, 1989).
  • Their first performance together as Berryz Koubou was Morning Musume’s song Go Girl ~Koi no Victory~.
  • They are the only H!P group who have a “Captain” instead of a “Leader”.
  • The vocalist of the Japanese rock band “Base Ball Bear”, Koide Yuusuke, is a fan of Berryz Koubou; that’s one of the reason that they chose Kumai Yurina to be in their CM promoting (WHAT IS THE) LOVE & POP?, his group’s 3rd album.
  • Famous manga artist Arina Tanemura is also a fan of Berryz; her favorite member is Sugaya Risako. She once traded autographs with Tsugunaga Momoko.
  • They will be the first all-girl Japanese group to perform in Thailand.
  • Several steps of the famous dance “Hare Hare Yukai” of Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu are taken from Berryz singles choreography, like Special Generation, 21ji Made no Cinderella, Gag 100kaibun Aishite Kudasai, etc.
  • Berryz have made cameos in the anime Gintama, one time they showed the girls with their Koi no Jubakuoutfits in a handshake event.
  • In the first episode of the Lucky Channel segment (from Lucky Star anime), the first letter, asking about how much idols make, is from a fan calling himself “Berryko Daisuki-kko” (or “Berryko Lover”). A direct reference to Berryz Koubou.
  • Yanagihara Kanako is a Japanese actress, comedian, and tarento, who is also a fan of Berryz; her favorite member is Tsugunaga Momoko and she’s been a guest in Momo’s radio show.
  • Starting from May 24, 2010, Berryz members will have their own video blog section in Up-front official channel in Youtube; all the videos will have a duration of 1 minute and members can talk about anything they want, they will also upload concert clips.
  • Before every concert, Berryz, and sometimes staff members too, always shout “Berryz Koubou! (only captain)… Ikube! (all)”. For the encore part, fans also shout that (although it’s only Berryz Ikube).

Credits to:
J-ongaku for the profiles and help of the timeline photos
Hello!Sayunii for the trivia
Berryzchannel for the PVs
Hello!Online for the photos
and to everything and everyone!

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  1. I'm one of Berryz Koubou big fan.
    They are the first Hello! Project Group that I discover.
    I just want to say...
    Happy 8th Anniversary!!!
    You all have done well for the past 8 years.
    Do your best on the next these years.
    I'll always support you guys.

    Berryz工房! Ikube!!!