Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Airi Suzuki is the Most loved Member of Buono by Fans!

Our last poll about "Who made you Love Buono?" has finally concluded and the results are in...

Natsuyaki Miyabi: 59 Votes (21%)
Tsugunaga Momoko: 63 votes (23%)
Suzuki Airi: 148 votes (54%)

Total Votes: 270

Suzuki Airi wins by landslide having more than half of the votes in her favor. Airi was chosen to be the reason why fans love buono making her the most loved member in Buono.

Who wouldn't love this girl??????

Airi has tamed the hearts of most Buono fans by her adorable charms, natural cuteness, quirky personality and undeniable talent. Proving her popularity not only in Buono and C-ute but in the whole of Hello Project!

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  1. YaY!!! Airi is my fav and although Miya and Momo are awesome too, she just incredible.