Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Leaders: Maimi's thoughts on Risa's Graduation

C-ute's Leader, Yajima Maimi shared some thoughts about Niigaki risa's upcoming graduation on one of her blog post entitled "Niigaki-san"

She wrote:

[On] the first day of the concert there was a shocking announcement.

After Morning Musume’s spring tour this year, Niigaki Risa-san will be graduating from Hello! Project.

It’s very lonely…

Niigaki-san has always looked out for me and the members [of ℃-ute]. One time when I was worried on my own, even though I hadn’t said anything, she asked me ‘Are you okay?’

I was really happy…

Lately we have been talking more and we have even started texting!!

She told me, ‘Let’s have a long talk sometime soon’. Niigaki-san has been thinking about graduating since a year ago… now that I think about it, she must have been trying to leave us with a lot of things.

Perhaps this Hello! Project concert will be the last time we can be on stage together.

I really love Niigaki-san who sees her surroundings well, is kind, and never forgets to thank people.

I want to cherish the time until Niigaki-san graduates.

This is a touching post..Maimi and Gaki deserves their position as leaders and I think they deserve it. I like the the thought that despite C-ute and MM are 2 different groups, this post simply shows that HP girls have a bond stronger than's treating everyone as a family =)

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