Thursday, December 22, 2011

Repost: Up-Front Links Akihabara Backsta↔ge pass to the world

So Official Up-Front Facebook updated fans about Tsunku's cafe in Akihabara and I might as well share it to those who doesn't have here's the full report~~

December 22th, despite a cold weather, lots of Japanese medias (including UP-FRONT LINK of course, for you, the international fans ;) ) gathered in the famous area of Akihabara in Tokyo to cover the press opening event of a new cafe, AKIHABARA Backstage pass.

Many young women in costume or in civil clothes said hello to us and we discovered a really nice place, with an elegant and luxurious style. Everybody was curious to discover what kind of cafe it will be...

After some instructions, the press event began. Some young women arrived on stage to sing LOVE Machine of Morning Musume。. We directly recognized some members of THE Possible and it was nice to see and hear them singing this famous song.

Just after, Tsunku♂ and Chiyomaru Shikura came to introduce their new project, the AKIHABARA Backstage pass cafe.

The women who will work here have the desire to become idol and it will be a training place for them. On the same time, the client has the possibility to become a "Producer". The first time he comes, he will begin as "Assistant Producer" but at the end, after coming many times, he has the possibility to become "Chou-Producer", like the ultimate Producer with a black card! Depending on your level, you will have more power, like voting for your favorite girl (they will provide you a login and password for a special website). So both staff and clients can gain experience by their side but also together, which makes the whole thing really interesting and funny. If you want to support one of these young women, you know what you have to do :)

Then about the cafe itself, there will be many lives, events (video games, etc.) and some shows for television. So this is really an "Idol develop-type Entertainment Cafe"!!

Tsunku♂ talked about his otaku part, because he loves sound material for example and introduced how he met Chiyomaru. Both were interested to create this project so they are really happy to launch it now.

After all those explanations, Tsunku♂ and Chiyomaru Shikura answered to some questions of televisions and other medias.

Finally there was a photo-session for all the medias.

At the end, it was possible to "try" the first level of being an "Assistant Producer": you have to write your name (in Katakana if possible), your phone number and then they give you a card with a paper which provide you the opportunity to vote later for your favorite girl for example. They have created a special website for phones, easy to navigate in. There are many girls and the place is not small, so everyone should find someone who can fit his/her taste ;)

And a good point, some of them can speak a bit English, one member can speak Chinese and another one French (she was not there today so I could not check this :p ). This is quite rare so do not hesitate to come even if you can not speak Japanese. They are all expecting to meet many foreigners as well as Japanese people of course.

So if you have the chance to come in Japan, or if you already live in Japan, you should give a try and come to this cafe, you will not be disappointed \o/

The Japanese address is 101-0021 Tokyo Chiyoda-ku Sotokanda 1-7-6 (〒101-0021 東京都千代田区外神田1丁目7-6)

This is really close to the JR Station Akihabara (Exit Electric Town 電気街口).

Some trucks are in Akihabara to promote the cafe.

PS: as a bonus, here is what we can see everywhere in Akihabara, S/mileage ;)

All credits given to Up-front for this update!

(Oh..their uniform looks like OUR uniform!!!!! I mean, the checkered cloth)

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