Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Kare wa, Imouto no Koibito Trailer : Sayumi plays the Younger sister role

Morning Musume member Sayumi Michishige will star in upcoming CP drama from BeeTV, Kare wa, Imouto no Koibito.

The drama will also star Ishihara Satomi who will be playing the lead role of Miyuki, a clumsy young woman who is extremely timid when it comes to love and is having difficulty when it comes to being honest on how she truly feels. Her Imouto in this show will be played by Sayumi who is much more proactive and knows how to take advantage of her older sister. In this story, Sayumi will be snatching the man that Satomi's inlove with!! Waaaah! *Snake* hahahahahahah!

Theme song: “Duet -winter ver.- by Tohoshinki

Here's the trailer

Kyaaa~ It's really a cute story!! Too bad it's just a Cellphone drama! I wanna download this! Not to mention, the role perfectly fits Sayu since she's able to pull-off her cuteness in her acting!! Phew~ Sayu is really in demand in dramas lately..

This will start on Dec. 25,2011

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