Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Kikkawa Yu and Vanilla Beans performs in a huge idol event!

Last Dec. 17, 2011 Kikkawa Yuu and Vanilla Beans performed in a special idol concert "HMB presents Misono Idol Festival Vol.2 ~Urawamisono ni Idol Daishuugou! 2011nen Saigo no Fan Daikansha!!~" held in Urawamisono Aeon Mall!

Kikkawa Yuu wore a plain white outfit and didn't fail to capture the hearts of all the idol fans present with her charms while perfroming 5 of her songs causing them to give her a HUGE CHEER! and even shoppers who were not aware of the event to stop by and watch this idol perform, this caused the first to third floor to overflow w/ audiences trying to catch a glimpse of the event!!

Vanilla Beans performed after Kikkawa Yu and if you don't know Vanilla Beans, they're a duo known for their tall figures and long, beautiful legs! This was the first time they met and it surprised Yu saying "They're so slender!!" Meanwhile, Rena from Vanilla beans teased fans asking "Today is our first time meeting, but to be honest, I have something in common with Kikkawa-san! Do you know what it is?" Many fans were able to answer her question correctly! Do you know????

Well, the answer is that both Rena and Yu experienced auditioning in Morning Musume! The only difference is that Yu auditioned for MM once while Rena auditioned 5 TIMES!!! Now talk about "Try and try until you succeed" but then again she never did succeeded with MM.

Tsunuku asked rena during one of her audition "If you could liken Morning Musume to yakisoba, what would you like to be?” as to which she replied with "Mayonnaise". I don't know why she chose Mayonnaise but this must be one of the reasons as to why she didn't make it and Tsunuku didn't revealed the answer he was looking for. “By the way, if it had been me I would’ve said cabbage because I love it,” Kikkawa said upon hearing Rena’s story.

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