Sunday, November 20, 2011

Thank you for supporting this blog!

"Chuu Sugoi Idol just reached 80,000 views! YAY! Thanks everyone. I can't believe that we've reached this far. Thanks to my CCS team and also to those who always visit our blog. I can't post any entry in the blog these past few days, so I ask Admin Miyo to post this message for me..
Anyways, I gave Admin Miu the opportunity to be in charge in the big change for blog design, and it really turned out great. She really has the potential, right? Also the banner, it's totally amazing.. :):) I'm going to make a page of her designs and banners since it's really amazing..
I'll be discussing with the admins if we'll hold another 4th gen audition for admins when we hit 100,000 hits.. :):) Please look forward to it, and thank you for reading our blog.. :D:D"

"I'm glad we've reached 80, 000 views and it wouldn't be possible without those people who always visits our blog. I'm looking forward to reach 100,000 views or more XD..And with this achievement we promise to update you all more often with HP newsfeeds! All bloggers here are also administrators in the Hello project Fanpage and it's also nearly reaching 10,000. And it's great working with people who share the same fandom w/ me! Ran and I are the 2nd gen, Min and Miyo are our 3rd gen! And if we would push through w/ the 4th Gen Audition that will be great! I'm looking forward to be working with one of you!"

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