Sunday, November 20, 2011

New Poll: HP All-Stars VS MoBeKiMaSu

CSI is back with our newest poll!!! I love it when HP Family comes together and collaborate for an awesome single! And way back those days, HP All-stars was born and after a long long long time of waiting for another massive family single HP All-stars was reborn as MoBeKiMaSu with new members of their generation replacing those who graduated already from HP and was a member of the All-Stars!

So which HP Family Group do you prefer more? And Whose single do you like better?

HP All-Stars' One for all and all for one


MoBeKiMaSu w/ Busu ni naranai Tetsugaku

1 comment:

  1. Not sure on this. I really liked H!P All Stars but Mobekimasu is pretty awesome. H!P seems a lot more different now but I still like it. All for One & One for All is one my favourite songs but when I heard Busu ni Narenai Tetsugaku, I was in love so this is a hard choice...

    I pick Mobekimasu