Sunday, November 20, 2011

Most disliked women of 2011..I see same people from UFA

Shukan Bunshun continues their annual survey of the most disliked women of the year! And yes, the I still see the same 2 person from UFA, Sayumi and Tsuji...Well I understand why women really hates or finds Sayu annoying but I don't understand why they hate Tsuji! Anyone wants to explain to me why??? I think Sayu dropped on the ranking, as far as i could remember she was in the top 10 back then..*just correct me if I'm wrong!"

Nonetheless, it's refreshing to see AKB girls on the list, and as for their No. 1 member, Maeda Atsuko who was previously at No. 41 made her way all up to No. 5. She's also the AKB girl who had the highest ranking here among her fellow members. I guess, this does not only make her the most loved AKB members by their fans but also the most hated member too! Not to mention, Itano Tomomi, whom I think is one of the top girls of AKB is a newcomer in this ranking and made it's way up to No. 20. I'm not an AKB fan and there's like 48 people so I really don't know who else are there in their group....just look into these list...

01 – Sawajiri Erika (02)
02 – Wada Akiko (03)
03 – Tani Ryoko (01)
04 – Hisamoto Masami (04)
05 – Maeda Atsuko (41)
06 – Renho (05)
07 – Fujiwara Norika (10)
08 – Kanda Uno (12)
09 – Isono Kiriko (08)
10 – Komiyama Yoko (didn’t rank)

11 – Michishige Sayumi
12 – Ashida Mana
13 – Koda Kumi
14 – Rola
15 – Asagi Kuniko
16 – Tsuji Nozomi
17 – Izumi Pinko
18 – Sasaki Nozomi
19 – Yonekura Ryoko
20 – Itano Tomomi

21 – Hoshino Aki
22 – Kitagawa Keiko
23 – Matsuda Seiko
24 – Tanaka Minami
25 – Koyuki
26 – Saeko
27 – Nishikawa Ayako
28 – Tajima Yoko
29 – Tanaka Makiko
30 – Dan Rei


  1. Tsuji sort of has/had a reputation as a bully. I don't know if it's true, but I suppose I can see it. I mostly think Tsuji can be very assertive or aggressive when she wants too. But don't get me wrong, I still love her tons!

  2. I think Sayu is the kind of person you either love or hate. She can be a bit annoying at times.