Saturday, November 12, 2011

Takahashi Ai is the best shoe wearer and talks about relationships and marriage

Ai-chan attended an awards ceremony for "The 4th Best Shoe Wearer Awards" and was awarded as "The Best Shoe Wearer"!!!! I'm glad Ai-chan is busy right now with more activities outside HP!

I never dreamed of receiving such a wonderful award after graduating from Morning Musume. I love fashion, and I love to collect shoes, so I am very happy.” Ai chan said after receiving the award. S

Alongside w/ the award, she was given a pair of shoes that was ordered to suit her taste and she expressed her appreciation saying "Wow, it's cute! It's so cute that I honestly expressed my happiness. I am very happy. I want to wear it already."

But it seems our Ai-chan can't escape the talks about having a relationship now that she's no longer in HP and being in a relationship is no longer forbidden! During a press con after the ceremony she was questioned about relationships and marriage in w/c she answered “Since I graduated, I’ll probably get married if I meet somebody. I think my desire for marriage come will after I find a partner.” In response, Kuraishi blurted, “I want you have an early marriage, have children, and contribute to Japan.

The phrase "contribute to Japan" kind of makes me laugh..Yeah sure Ai-chan! a productive citizen of your country =)) I hope you can find that one person who can make you happy!!!!

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