Saturday, November 12, 2011

Morning Musume runs the world at number 8! Top 10 best selling Girl Group of All Times!

Who run the world? GIRLS!!!

When it comes to the music scene Girl Groups are surely a hot topic Madam Noire Blog has posted the Top 10 best-selling girl group of all times! Of course, talking about Girl Groups, Morning Musume is no stranger to Jpop Lovers!

Hello Project's Flagship group Morning Musume is ranked 8th as the Best-Selling Girl Group of All Times! And currently hold the record for the highest over all single sales (of a female group) by Oricon Charts selling over 18,158,303 copies in Japan only with a total of 47 singles and 12 albums! I'm really glad MM is being recognized world-wide in terms of Girl Groups. I hope MM continues to shine not only in japan but globally!

And here's what Tsunuku's gonna say

So hoooray for Hello Project! This would serve as an inspiration that everyone should continue to work hard for more achievements..and who knows...Maybe if MM could last another decade they would have a higher ranking soon....LOL

Meanwhile......the Girl Group who Truly runs the world is........

Spice Girls!!!


1. Spice Girls
2.Destiny's child
3. TLC
4. Bananarama
6.The Supremes
7.En Vogue
8.Morning Musume


  1. Wow the spice girls really? That's odd to say the least lol

  2. Yes, Spice girls are the only band in the world that is considered as an equal of beatles....the're just so great!

  3. Si Morning Musume el mejor grupo de chicas me alegra saber la noticia sigan adelante...............