Friday, November 11, 2011

Berryz Kobou VS C-ute, Friends but Rivals!

Last Nov. 9, idol groups Berryz and C-ute attended the pre-screening of their very first movie together and it brought up some friendly bragging between the two groups! Maimi brags about her group saying "We have great unity and teamwork" and of course this statement brought BK's captain Saki to shot back saying "No way, Berryz won't lose when it comes to unity!"

I don't know if that's the only statements left by the leader and the captain, but after the heated bragging between the two groups, I love how Captain commented that "We're all really good friends, but we're rivals too"

Her statement is true. Hello Project Kids being divided into 2 groups (equally during the old times) is far by the greatest rivals (in a good way) I would consider in HP. Come to think of it, when C-ute was created some people regard them as BK-left outs. But C-ute has proved that they're not left outs at all. They have striven to be on an equal spot with Berryz. We're talking about business here people and when it comes to idol world there will always be competition whether you're in the same agency or not, it's just a matter of how you will look into the word "Rivals". Rivals doesn't necessarily means that both group would hate each other, and no matter how much you would want to deny it, I think most of that kind of rivalry exists in their fans and not on the group itself.

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