Monday, November 21, 2011

S/mileage "Pls. Mini Skirt Post Woman" dance lesson

S/mileage uploaded a dance video of their upcoming single!!! It seems that this was taken during their rehearsal!

Waaah! I'm glad that my favorite member Tamura Meimei is getting some exposure here!! Her voice is so freaking cute especially in the first part!!!! I really want her to be my sister! XD.. Like I said, this must be one of their rehearsals, the choreography is good but it needs to be polished more..And I can't help notice that Nakanishi Kana seems a little off in this one, she dance awkwardly and makes a lot of mistakes, no offense, I love her next to Meimei but I think she needs more practice....I know you can do it Kana-chan!!! =)) Of course, the 1st gen members of S/mileage are really good! Gambatte S/mileage!


  1. Yeah, Meimei is beyond cute and her voice sounds really awesome. I did notice Kana, but I think she could fix it by the actual dance shot. After all it was just a rehearsal.

  2. as expected, tsunku immediately puts tamura in front. yes, she is a talented girl. i'm not sure yet, but i've counted and it seems tamura got the most lines. well, she got those duo lines with dawa. the same case on takechan, but she got less lines than tamura. and both of them will replace sakitty and yuuka nicely. btw takechan dances very nice. tamura's appearance is the same as in the audition camp. nostalgic, cute.

    then, as predicted, katsuta and nakanishi are at back line. i'd like to hear more of katsuta, she only got 2 solo lines here. while nakanishi only got 1. talking about nakanishi, i can't stop laughing when i watch her on the 2nd verse-chorus. she hasn't memorized the dance and formation very well. well, she has the least experience in this so it's okay. ganbatte ne~ nakanishi!

    at first i was surprised that yuuka got only few solo lines. but then i realized that she could't participate after the single released. so perhaps it will be easier to rearrange the members' parts.

    i like how dawa kicked away that thing fell from katsuta's bag. well trained.

    this is an exciting single, cos the talented new members finally participated for real. and even the song itself isn't as goos as uchouten love, i think there's a chance that the selling will reach nearly as much as uchouten love.