Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Happy 20th Birthday to Shimizu Saki~^^~!!!

Hello everyone today(11/22) is Captain's 20th birthday!!!
Let's all wish her a very very happy and lovely birthday~^^~!

Like everyone knows, Captain's carrer began in 2002 as one of the Hello! Project Kids and later became the Captain of Berryz Koubou~!!!

And here's some interething trivias about her:

* She is the oldest member of the Hello! Project Kids (after the graduation of Umeda Erika in 2009)

* Of all the groups leaders in Hello! Project, she is the only one called as the Captain of a group

* Her name is a combination between the initial of her Grandmother’s name "Sa" and the initial of her Dad's name "Ki"

* She has a dog named Kurumi(Maimi gave it to Captain)

* Was close to Murakami Megumi, particularly during their time together in ZYX

* She is also good friends with Yaguchi Mari, Yajima Maimi and Umeda Erika. She still calls Yaguchi her "big sister" occasionally and looks up to her as a role model

* She is considered to be one of the best dancers in all of Hello! Project, often being associated with her seniors in sub-groups that mainly focus on dance

* Along with Nakajima Saki of C-ute, she is called one of Hello! Project's best dancers

I hope all of her dreams and wishes will come true in the future~~!


  1. Happy birthday, Saki. Isn't it funny how both Sakis are really good dancers?

  2. I posted a 20th birthday video if anyone is interested.