Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Sayu and Reina's thoughts on Suugaku Joshi Gakuen

It was recently revealed that MM members, Reina and Sayu will be starring in a new drama!! I'm honestly excited about this, since I don't usually see HP girls in a drama or stuffs aside from horror..XD especially because my fave MM member Reina will be here and my all-time favorite Airi will also have an appearance!!! I can't wait to see this!

Sakurada Dori, who is said to be the only male student of the school??? What? It is said that he transferred to their school by mistake and he doesn't have any interest in Math....Well, this would probably the BEST mistake he could ever commit! Hahaha! Imagine? going in the same school w/ HP Girls!!!!! I wonder if he would have any love interest in this one..XD.. I'm looking forward seeing Sayu and Reina as rivals in here!

“Since this is the genre I have never done before, I thought it was difficult at first. However, I started to think it is fun to do acting now. Reina is a big help to me since she teaches me a lot of things. I have only seen Mobekimasu members as idols, so it feels fresh to see them acting.”

“I am enjoying the shoot without getting nervous since it’s members I know well.”

“We would like many people to know about Mobekimasu through this drama.”
-Sayu and Reina

^ Yes, we like that too!

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