Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Ousama Game Pic Spam! *I see jealous wotas*

Here's some photos from Ousama Game and I bet there would be a few? violent reactions! XD...

Wee....Yurina looks like blushing but that's just make up..

Aww..Don't stare at Airi like that!!! I see miya at the back ^_^

If you want to spend some time w/ Chisa, pretend you're a slow poke in class..XD! Kidding!

See? It's effective, he's still w/ Chisa..Hahahah

Nakky's fans are on a riot right now! XD

and I bet you're curious as to who's that guy

oh, there he is!

Did you see him? NO?




Oh there he is! XD and I bet hardcore Nakky fans are gonna wish him dead in this movie!!

Airi seems to be in the middle of her thoughts!

Can't wait to finally watch this!

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  1. The pictures are so awesome! Thanks for posting.