Saturday, November 19, 2011

4th Challenge: Who's Your Favorite dancer in Hello! Project?

Haha~ This is kinda hard for me to answer since I never thought of this before~ It's because when I watch H!P's concerts or performances, I focus on their whole performance not the dancing..... I think it's because I did some stage performances as a band/group and also did some acting back in the days~ And I also help some people as an assistant director/stage manager(sound & lights) so it's really normal for me to focus on whole performance(lights & sounds & whole choreography)!

Anyway~ I think Matsuura & Takahashi Ai were the two of best performers of H!P~^^~!!!

Of course Ayaya usually comes into my top 5 list~
Her singing & performance were one of the best in H!P~!!!
Like Ai-chan, whenever I see Ayaya's performances, it feels like she's sucking my soul(?)~
I usually can't focus on one thing only..... But whenever I watch her performances, they makes me focus on the monitor and monitor only!

Ai-chan is so perfect in every way~^^~
Like Ayaya, Ai-chan's singing & performance are more than perfect!
Even though I was really sad about Ai-chan's leaving of MM but part of me was so glad to hear that news!
It's because in MM, Ai-chan couldn't receive all the attentions she deserved(Same goes to Gaki-san)~
And also I really want to see Ai-chan joining MM OG but part of me want to see her take solo career!!!
And I wish Ai-chan & Ayaya will form a special unit!
I am 100% sure it wil be a legendary/epic unit~!

Since I chose only past members of H!P, I will choose my current favorite performance group of H!P~^^~
And my choice is °C-ute~!!!

Even though other groups show me good performances but °C-ute is the best performance group right now!
For Moring Musume and S/mileage, both groups are going through new blood phase so I know I have to wait a little more to see some great performances~^^~
I think I love/like each members of Berryz Kobo than °C-ute members but as a group I like °C-ute better~
It's because when both groups perform °C-ute shows me more great chemistry as a group than Berryz Kobo~!
Same thing goes to Buono!~
Hmm~ why didn't I put Mano as my favorite performer? Strange~ My challenge will be totally different if I write this few days later~^^~ My opinions change time to time like I said on my previous challenge~


  1. I think momoko from berryz koubou is the best because she puts alot of emotion in her dancing

  2. I think it's:
    - Saki Shimizu
    - Riho Sayashi
    - Mai Hagiwara