Friday, October 28, 2011

Yajima Maimi in a New Drama "Mannequin"

C-ute member and leader, Yajima Maimi will be in a BS-TBS short drama entitled "Mannequin Girls" alongside Okamoto Anri, Yano Mikiko and Matsushima Shota. The drama is about 4 mannequin that comes to life at night, now talk about "The Night in the Museum" w/c in their case would be "The night in the botique?" LOL! Maimi's chracter will be "Maimi", who is a mannequin who loves to exercise and is really into boxercise? (What?? What does that even mean??)

Maimi shared w/ Oricon that she had worked hard for this role by practicing not blinking and during the performance her eyes had became bloodshot! Gosh, not blinking makes me teary-eyed! I'm glad Maimi was selected for this drama w/c means another exposure in TV for HP! I wanna see more HP girls in dramas w/c are really popular and a big one like those in Ikemen Desu and Hana Kimi..I wanna see Airi in a popular drama pleeeeaaaaaassssseeee!

So here's a shot of the leads, where Maimi is somehow giving us the "boxercise" thing! Their poses might be a hint of what their characters are so the way I see it it's, Classy, Cute, Sporty and......Show-off? wahahahah! kidding!

The program will start airing on 11/7 @ 8:54pm

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