Thursday, October 27, 2011

Bunch of former & current H!P members' Web/TV shows part 6~!!!

Click the link you want to see~~ Enjoy~^^~!!!
Today's Ai-chan's Ameba show is the first link and I just wanted to tell you guys that I have been noticing that the number of viewers of H!P related live shows been decreasing!!! (Last Sayu's show with Mano was about 5000 people the first Sayu's show watched by more than 7000 people and Yagu-chan & Ai-chan's Ameba show had less than 3000 people watched it)
I know people are busy these days and also some fans don't watch them because they can's understand Japanese(I can't understand it either!)... But could you guys please just open the another new window and let it play for just support our girls even though you aren't going to/can't watch them~!?

The 2nd episode of Ai-chan's Ameba Studio show "Joshi Chikara Café ~Aisukurissu~"!

Ikuta Erina - Oha Sta 111021

Kusumi Koharu, Ikuta Erina - Oha Sta 111025

111012 Maki Goto on Zenryoku Hoshi Girl

111015 Goto Maki on Sanma and Kuriimu 10th Geinoukai maru hi kojin jouhou guranpuri

Yaguchi Hitori Show #12 20111018

Mari Yaguchi - Shiritagari 20111021

Smileage - MiyuSata 111021

Smileage - 60! Yume TV 111022

Saki Nakajima - P-League Bowling 20111023

Tanaka Reina, Wada Ayaka - Ahoyanen! Sukiyanen! 111020

Rika Ishikawa - NTV News24 20111023

Tsugunaga Momoko - Ustream 111021

Miki Fujimoto - NTV News24 20111020

Miki Fujimoto - Chokotto Iikoto 2011021

Asami Konno - Neo Sports Intro 20111015

Asami Konno - Moe x Kon 20111017

Asami Konno - Moe x Kon 20111018

Asami Konno - Moe x Kon 20111019

Asami Konno - Moe x Kon 20111020

Asami Konno - Moe x Kon 20111021

Asami Konno - Neo Sports 20111019

Asami Konno - Neo Sports 20111022

Asami Konno - Melodix 20111022


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