Friday, October 28, 2011

6-10 Challenges for the Admins!

It's been a very long delay, and I apologize again about it. So, I already decided the 6-10 challenges which are
6. Pick your most favorite  dance shot.
This can be atleast 1 dance shot, as many as you can, I think. As long as you can tell us why you love them
7. State Atleast 1 dance cover of a fan doing the dance of 1 H!P song
It's easy.. Just state one video from the youtube where a fan dance an H!P song, and describe why you picked that video. If possible, pick the song you stated in challenge #6.
8. Favorite Photo of you Top 1 H!P Idol
Only 1 and only photo should be given.. and yep, describe, describe, describe!
9. The Cutest Concert Outfit of MoBeKiMaSu
Each group including Mano had a concert tour this year, so let's pick the cutest outfit of MoBeKiMaSu's concert.
10. The Pair You Want to Form a Unit in the Future
People wanted their favorite idols to form a unit together, so who do you want to form one? :)

Non-admins can also answer one too.. :) Enjoy!

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