Sunday, October 2, 2011

Maimai has Been The Most Admired Youngest Member of MoBeKiMaSu~!

Our baby Maimai won in our last weekly poll "Among All the Youngest Members in MoBeKiMaSu, who Do You Admire Most?". Banzai for our baby Maimai!
I'm happy so see Maimai won since she's my most favorite idol in the whole universe..  The votes between our two Kanon are so close nee?  Meimi is still new, so maybe she didn't got that much votes like the others.

Suzuki Kanon (Morning Musume)
  52 (24%)
Sugaya Risako (Berryz Koubou)
  35 (16%)
Hagiwara Mai (C-ute)
  59 (27%)
Fukuda Kanon (S/mileage)
  50 (23%)
Tamura Meimi (SM-S/mileage)
  17 (7%)

So, for our next poll, let's have "Who has the Best Model Image?" Since we already got 2 models in Morning Musume, Erina and Haruna, let's have a little showdown between them.. :)
It's going to be exciting.. To those who still don't know who's Haruna, here she is!
Erina              and          Haruna

Vote for you favorite minna!

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