Sunday, October 2, 2011

Who Miss Eririn? Here She Is!

During Ai-chan's Graduation concert, many notable people attended. One of them was our dear Eririn. It's already been said few days ago about it, and I still want to make a post of it. Since I really, really, really miss her so much..
I'm glad that they took a photo altogether, since Eri didn't last time..
Seems that she dyed her hair back to black.. The hair color when she first entered Morning Musume..
I wonder how she is right now.. I wonder if her recovery is almost over..  is it? I think it took a lot of time..
I really miss her so much!
Hopefully she'll go back to the entertainment world, and maybe enter the Dream Momusu, and let Eririn fans, including me, smile again!
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