Sunday, October 2, 2011

Vote for Hello! Project Girls for THE BEST ASIAN FEMALE ARTIST (period 2011)

Vote Your Asian Idol has held an annual ranking for the best of the best among Asian idols and it's the same page like the one we've posted recently for The Best Girl Band of 2011.

Vote Your Asian Idol has added another category for the contest. This one is for the Best Asian Female Category, click HERE and you will be directed to their page, Just click on the photo and click the "Like" button to vote. Among HP members, currently, Ai-chan is on the lead with 76 likes so far, which makes her 2nd as of now in overall votes, following Hirokita Maki with 87 votes. Meanwhile, MM members are catching up so keep on voting for your favorite member and as much as possible vote for Hello Project Members!

Voting ends on Dec. 29, 2011

I'm not quite particular if that's the final nominees for the category since this category has just been updated, they may add up more artists along the way.

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