Friday, October 14, 2011

LOL! Tsunuko and Aki-P...soon to be neighbors!

When I first heard this news I was like "LOL! Seriuosly?" but not because of the fact that Tsunuku is expanding himself in business but because of the location of his "Idol Training Cafe", HELLO? it's a 3-minute walk from AKB Theater!! Is this supposed to be a direct attack on AKB? (but that's just me trolling around) Nyah, IDTS..who knows? hahahahaha!

It's supposed to be a cafe with employees who aspires to become an idols or a singer. I don't exactly have an idea as to how he would put up the training there. It's quite amusing and interesting for me,we'll see how will this go but nonetheless, I wish him the best in this one. If I could visit Japan, I'll find time to visit here, hope to see my idols in here since they said they would bring in idols and singers who already debuted.

I'm really thinking about what's gonna happen next? Do they instantly debut into stars after instilling the Idol confidence in them? What about the eggs who have undergone longer trainings than them? Hmmmmm....Oh well, who knows, Tsunuku and Aki-P might turn out to be good neighbors afterall..XD, considering the very short distance between the two empires, I wonder who gets to have a more recruit?

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