Friday, October 14, 2011

It takes an athlete to dance but it takes an artists to be a dancer!

Dancing can reveal the mystery that music conceals......The dance is a poem in which every movement is a word
What is it that you love the most about dancing?

To me, EVERYTHING! I love dancing so much cause it doesn't just make you sweat but it makes you feel happy after! What's more beautiful than doing something that you love? In dancing, the only time I could feel exhaustion might be after it but it it doesn't really matter at all as long as you've given your best shot! I love to dance but I really admire those who can dance way way way better than me! Some learn to dance but others are born to dance. I would classify my self in the "Learn" part but these girls? They're born to be a dancer!

1. Yajima Maimi

Trust me, when this girl starts to groove in the dance floor, you better step aside cause this girl's gonna make some move! For me Maimi is the best dancer in HP, I can't seem to put into words as to why I think so cause it seems pretty obvious in the eyes! Hello? You've gotta be blind if you couldn't see it, she may not be the best for you but you got to admit she's good! I like how Maimi is so energetic when she dances during live performances or even in their dance shots, she's really giving it all. Who can possible beat Maimi in her hair whooping dance in Forever Love? I wanted to post their dance medley, but I couldn't find the video!!!!

2. Shimizu Saki

Oh Captain, my Captain...If there's someone that I want to have a showdown with Maimi, it's Captain Saki!!! She's just as awesome as Maimi when it comes to dancing, but I have to choose Maimi more since I like C-ute more. Though I've seen them dance together during concerts, I still want to see them in a dance showdown (JUST THE 2 OF THEM!!). So if you've seen one tell me please!!! Captain has been constantly pushed at the back just because she's not a lead singer like Risako or Miyabi but you can't push her at the back if it's time to dance!!!

3. Kamei Eri

Kamei was my first favorite in MM even before I started to like Reina! And I was really sad when she graduated! Kamei Eri is no other than the Dance Empress of Momusu!! She dances gracefully and her movements are so sharp and accurate with the rhythm as if it was calculated! but that's this was an online dancing game like Highstreet5,Audition or iDate, I bet she'll get a Perfect Step!

4.Nakajima Saki

Another Saki who dances gracefully like the other Saki. I actually haven't noticed how good she was at dancing until I watched their Nakayoshi Battle Concert where she and Capatain did some back-up dancing while Maimi sang Natsu Doki Lipstick, which seemed more like a showdown to was truly a great show, including the one in their Dance Medley..Come on, why else would it become a trending topic in twitter??? She's one of the Lead Dancers in C-ute! C-ut's dance leader for me! Lol!

Maimi + Sakis = Great Performance from HP's best dancers!

5. Takahashi Ai

Ai-chan is really cool, she's a performer! and to be a great performer you got to be good not only in singing but also in dancing! there should be a balance and I think, she has it! I'm running out of words right here's a video of Ai-chan dancing, this may not ne the best video of her dancing but I like this dance, OK???

Choosing the best dancers in HP is not that hard what's hard is ranking them! I wish I could put them all in one position! But since this is a challenge, I tried to rank them based on how I see them...purely in my OWN opinion.....

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