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Pocket Morning Berryz Weekly Q&A (Week of 10/14/2011) from H!O~!!!

Hello everyone, here's this week's, "Pocket Morning Berryz Weekly Q&A" from H!O.
Please enjoy~^^~

Q. If one day you came upon a bear in the forest, what would you do?

I'd say

I'd drop an earring to see if it would really get it for me like in the song (Mori no Kuma-san)!!!!

First of all I'd try calling out "Kumai-chan".

I have one close by already! (o> v

If possible I'd want to become friends. lol. I'd want it to speak Japanese.

Become friends with it! (since Kuma is in my family name lol)


Enjoy~!? Captain~ what does that mean~!? Are you just give in yourself to the Kuma-san~!?
Well~ this is bad!!!
Because of Kuma-chan, everyone thinks Kuma-san is very nice, kind, gentle, and friendly~!
I just hope they never meet Kuma-san~!!!
I wonder, can Kuma-chan transform into Kuma~!?

Momo is talking about the same song that Gaki-san talked about~!!!
And in order to understand what Momo is saying, you should see the below lyrics~^^~

ある日 森の中 くまさんに 出会った
(Aru hi mori no naka kuma-san ni deatta)
花咲く森の道 くまさんに 出会った
(Hana saku mori no michi kuma-san ni deatta)

くまさんの 言うことにゃ お嬢さん おにげなさい
(Kuma-san no iu koto nya ojōsan o nige nasai)
スタコラ サッササノサ スタコラ サッササノサ
(Sutakora sassasanosa sutakora sassasanosa)

ところが くまさんが あとから ついてくる
(Tokoroga kuma-san ga ato kara tsuite kuru)
トコトコ トコトコと トコトコ トコトコと
(Tokotoko tokotoko to tokotoko tokotoko to)

お嬢さん お待ちなさい ちょっと 落とし物
(Ojōsan omachi nasai chotto otoshimono)
白い貝がらの 小さな イヤリング
(Shiroi kaigara no chīsana iyaringu)

あら くまさん ありがとう お礼に うたいましょう
(Ara kuma-san arigatō orei ni utaimashou9
ラララ ララララ ラララ ララララ
(lalala lalalala lalala lalalala)

English Translation

One day, in the forest, I met a little bear
on the road to the blooming forest, I met a little bear

The little bear said “hey lady, don’t run away!”
(shuffle, shuffle) *onomatopheic sound for escape*

However the little bear came to me
(thunk, thunk) *onomatopheic sound of footsteps*

Hey lady, wait a moment, you dropped something
it was an small earring white shell-shaped

Oh little bear, thank you, I’ll sing for you
Lalalala la la la la Lalalala la la la la
Lalalala la la la la Lalalala la la la la

Well~ this is childern song but it was created for Scout to sing in US!
But nowdays scouts rarely sing this song, instead children sing this song a lot~^^~

The other day (The other day)
I met a bear. (I met a bear)
A great big bear (A great big bear)
Away up there. (Away up there)
The other day I met a bear.
A great big bear away up there.
He said to me (He said to me)
"Why don't you run?" (Why don't you run)
"I see you don't (I see you don't)
Have any gun." (Have any gun)
He said to me, "Why don't you run?"
"I see you don't have any gun."
And so I ran (And so I ran)
Away from there. (Away from there)
But right behind (But right behind)
Me was that bear. (Me was that bear)
And so I ran away from there.
But right behind me was that bear.
That's all there is. (That's all there is)
There is no more. (There is no more)
Unless I see (Unless I see)
That bear once more. (That bear once more)
That's all there is. There is no more.
Unless I see that bear once more.

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Translation from

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