Friday, October 7, 2011

Gomenasai Movie trailer!

Buono's movie, Gomenasai trailer is finally out! They posted it on their official website. Click HERE and you will be directed to their page. In my observation, I like how the website looks and how they posted the trailer, it's pure black with a bloody torn page of paper from a notebook surrounding the video. It somehow reminds me of the hell site in Girl From Hell and not to mention, Miya's hairstyle makes her look like Enma Ai, the hellgirl!!! To be honest, I didn't expect that Miya will be the creepy one here *FACEPALM*...and how embarrassing to say that I've only noticed that in the poster, where their reflections are seen in the table, Miya has a different reflection compared to the others!!! *silly me*

Here's some screen shots of the trailer!

Momoko <3

Airi is shocked seeing Miya.....

Yup, I pressume that's miya.....

Miya's gonna come and get you..."BEWARE"

This is where the trailer starts

Miya's deadly glare! Gosh, she so hellgirl here! <3

Momoko! don't stab anyone please!

wee, some Chisa scream here!

waaah! scary Miya! thumbs up!

Airi freaks out when she saw Miya at her side!

So are you excited for the movie? Cause I AM!

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