Saturday, October 22, 2011

Challenge #1: My Top 5 Hello!Project Idols

Hi H!Piers! Ran-chan here! Here's my first challenge.. Who's my top 5 favorite idols?
Check it out below!
The top 1 is.... Taddaaa~! Our DJ Maimai!
She's my mooost favorite idol, because she's so cute, talented, and she's just amazing.. She's the one who brought me to H!P so that explains it.. Also, she has the charisma and personality that really made me smile when I'm watching her.. and the fact of being an idol ever since she was still 4 is really great.. Her voice is very unique, and I'm just annoyed to people who keep saying that she's a horrible one. >_< She may be not as popular as the other idols, but I really, really admire her so much.. :)
Top 2 will be.......Kusumi Koharu
Yep, yep, yep! Koha's number 2! I think I'm fond of cuteness.. and she's one of them. People are saying her voice is just so annoying, but I'm never been annoyed to her.. It's even cute.. Well, guess we have different taste in music huh.. I'm so disappointed that she already graduated, but I'm still happy since she's still active, and we can always see her.. She's just so amazing.. She's totally the miracle girl of Morning Musume.. Oh.. She's now in Dream morning musume, so we can still hear her sing.. Daisuki!
Top 3 will be... Gaki-san desu!
As far as I can remember, I started loving her after watching their Cinderella Musical. She made me fall in love with her.. kyaaaa! *oops! not lesbian* I just love her voice.. and her smile, and everything about her..  I love her personality, so gentle and calm.. She's so great!

Top 4 will be.... hmmm.. that would be... Ogawa Sakitty!
She's one of the best.. But she graduated so early.. She's an ace in S/mileage and she's the reason why I love that group.. Her first line in Ama no Jaku really hit my heart and said "What an amazing voice!" Hope she'll go back after school.. and will have a reunion with S/mileage nee..
Top 5 is..... oooh.. I can't decide..... that would be.....  uhmm.. Tamura Meimi
I can't believe I can't choose the top 5. I decided that it will be Meimi.. She fascinates me ever since she entered S/mileage.  Maybe it's because of her very cute smile.. I'm so glad she made it being an official member of the group. She has a very special talent..

I'm so glad I already made up my first challenge.. So, please look forward for our next challenges!


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