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3rd Challenge: 2 songs from MoBeKiMaSu + Buono!~!!!

Hello everyone, this is ~Admin Min~!!!
And this is my 3rd challenge~^^~(Yeah! Only two more to go~)
I embedded the videos but you can also click the romanization title of the songs!!!

3rd Challenge:
2 songs from MoBeKiMaSu + Buono!

Haha~ I had to add Buono! too~ Because they are also one of the main groups in H!P~!!!
Even though I always forget they are also one of the main groups of H!P~^^~
I think this challenge is the easiest of them all because I just pick two favorite songs from my favorite list~!!!
Since most of H!P songs are my favorite, I will try to pick songs that other admins might not pick on their posting~~~

Two favorite songs from Morning Musume

Ai no Tane
(Seeds of Love)

Yeah~! Original members of Morning Musume~^^~!!!
I always thought if I have a chance to introduce MM's songs to people it will be this song and Morning Coffee!!! Why~!? I have my total respect for original members of MM! I can't describe my respect for original members of MM in such mere words!!! But they are not my favorite generation~^^~ Haha~ And also this song and Morning Coffee were the start of MM's legacy, unofficially and officially!!! And also it seems to me most of our FB pages' people are younger than me and might not know of this song or very beginning story of MM!
So here's the story of one of the greatest legacies:
Tsunku offered Yuko Nakazawa, Aya Ishiguro, Kaori Iida, Natsumi Abe, and Asuka Fukuda(Five people who lost the competition which was organized to find a female vocalist of Sharan Q) the chance to be taken under his wing on one condition, to sell 50,000 copies of their debut single, which turned out to be "Ai no Tane"! Girls agreed to the challenge and were named Morning Musume and it was the stating of the wonderful legacy~^^~
Only after the fourth day girls accomplished their task~!
Interesting stories behind this single are because of Nakazawa Yuko cut her hair short before debuting publicly, the cover and her solo lines were re-shooted~!
If Tsunku was short tempered man their carrier could had been ended right there!
And during their 3rd day distribution event(I think it was 3rd day) Iida Kaori was hospitalized because of her contact lens broke and it caused temporary blindness. But she was discharged from hospital quickly and joined the fourth day distribution event!
Ah~ what a beautiful voices~^^~
I love the beginning & end parts of the song the most!
Basically parts where all members singing together are my favorite~!!!
What a harmony~~~

Morning Coffee

Beautiful song & lyrics like Ai no Tane~^^~
Story behind this song:
Originally, Tsunku decided that Iida Kaori as the lead vocalist but he changed his mind and told the group that Abe Natsumi will take the role instead!
The remake version of this song was featured as the B-side for Morning Musume's 14th single, "Souda! We're Alive"~!!!
And also this single is the only official single that includes only original members!

Like Ai no Tane, parts where all members singing together are my favorite but I also love chorus parts too~!!!

Two favorite songs from Berryz Koubou

Fighting Pose wa Date ja Nai!
(My Fighting Pose Isn't Just For Show)

It's one of the songs from H!P that if you read English lyrics, you can't understand a thing from it~^^~!!! It's because Japanese usually doesn't translate into English very well~ So when it comes to the lyrics I read Korean instead(Since Japanese translates into Korean really well)! But this song's lyrics is kinda random~^^~ But it's a cute love song!!! I like this song because it's one of the cutest song in H!P & Maiha Ishimura is in it!
I like the parts where they saying some certain words like Misuterii, Kikkakee, Bikkurii, and Jikkurii~!!!

Gag 100 Kaibun Aishite Kudasai (Please Love Me As Much As 100 Jokes)

This was the first BK single to include only 7 members after the Maiha Ishimura's graduation!
I like the parts where Miya(1:31 & 3:29) & Chii-chan(2:17 & 2:48) saying, "Woo" & "no nyu, no nyu"~!!!
And this song made me like Momo a lot~^^~

Two favorite songs from ℃-ute

Ooki na Ai de Motenashite
(Entertain Me with a Big Love)

This is the one of the cutest song in H!P~^^~!!!
Because there are too much cuteness in this song, I smile when I hear this song!!!
This song make me really really really happy~~~!!
Also I like this song because of Murakami Megumi & Arihara Kanna & Umeda Erika are in it!!!
Favorite parts are where they all saying "Oh Yeah, Oh Yeah"~
And this song made me like Airi a lot~!

Wakkyanai (Z) (It's Easy)

The funny thing about the song's title is that title itself has no true meaning at all~ It is only an indirect translation of colloquial "Wake-nai-ze" into the English idiom "it's easy", after being deformed deliberately to achieve an English-sounding title. This was the last single that includes Megumi Murakami!!!
I really liked Megumi because of her somewhat unique voice and very unique singing style~
And this song really brought out her uniqueness!
I wasn't impressed when I listened to other performance of this song where Megumi was not included... It was disappointing actually..
I still wonder with the question, "If Megumi & Kanna & Erika stayed in the group, what could have happened to ℃-ute~!?"~
My favorite parts are Megumi & Kanna's lines~^^~

Two favorite songs from Mano Erina


A very calm & beautiful song~
I listen to Mano's piano based songs when I want to be calm and think straight and also when I have a trouble in sleeping~!!!
Her piano based songs are really soothing~
My favorite parts of this song are where she is saying "Lalala"~~!

Sekai wa Summer Party (The World is a Summer Party)

A wonderful summer song~
Yeah~! S/mileage are the back dancers in the MV~!!!
My favorite parts are where she starts doing the finger dancing & hand fan thingy~^^~

Two favorite songs from S/mileage

(Mr. Crush)

Ah~ cute & lovely song~!
By the way, the word "Suki-chan" is the nickname given to the boy the girls like.
I can't remember which concert but it's one of the H!P concert, I saw their performance of this song and I really liked them ever since~!!!
Before that I just thought they are cute~ Haha~!!!
I really love that concert performance and especially where they are saying "SUKI-chan SUKI-chan, SUKI SUKI SUKI-chan" & Cinderella saying "Arigato" after that~^^~
Of course that made me, really like Cinderella a lot!!!

Onaji Jikyuu de Hataraku Tomodachi no Bijin Mama (My Friend's Beautiful Mom that Works at the Same Hourly Pay)

It is the one of the funniest song in H!P~ Your rival is not your friend but instead your friend's Mom~~ And you are losing to her~ Haha~!!! And also another funny thing is in the MV when they are all saying the words "NONNON", and Tsuji Nozomi pointing herself at 03:45~ Yes, Tsuji Nozomi is included in the MV and she's the rival/enemy in the MV~^^~!!!
I think you know my favorite part in this song, actually in MV!
And this was the song I found out Sakitty has a great voice~~!
I think their cuteness blocked my ears until this single somehow~ Haha~^^~

Two favorite songs from Buono!

My Love

When it comes to rhythmical/liliting/cheerful/exciting music, Buono! comes to my mind~~! After all Buono! is "Idol-Rock"~^^~!!!
My favorite parts are where they are all singing together because if I set my sound at low volume when they sing together you can't hear Momo's voice(You can hear Momo's voice when they saing certain words "wa" & "yo") and somehow it's really funny to me~ Haha~ I think because it looks like she's rip-syncing even though she's not~!!!
You can hear Momo's voice if you have a really good hearing or good sound system or set your sound volume at high!

It's also one of the random song~ It talks about Andromeda and Martians and Galaxy~^^~!!!
This song usually included in Buono!'s concert after it's release except for their 2011 Winter concert~
My favorite parts are where the girls ask us to follow what they are saying(02:40 to 03:20)!!!

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