Thursday, October 13, 2011

The 5 Idols in my Heart

Miu's Top 5 Beloved H!P Girls

I'm doing the first challenge, where I'm supposed to talk about my favourite five H!P girls. Since it's not a good idea for me to publish a lengthy novel here, I'll try my best to sum up my love in a paragraph each.

From 1st onwards!

Maimai has been my number one girl all the time, right from the start when I first discovered ℃-ute and H!P years ago. All along, she's been pure perfection. She was always that small, adorable, hilarious girl, and she still is. But now she's even more gorgeous, even more charming, and I can't help but fall in love with her over and over again. Nowadays, Mai doesn't get enough of the spotlight she deserves all the time, but instead of moaning about it all the time, I think it's so much more special when I see her because she shines so brightly with that fresh smile of hers that captivates me so tightly. Mai will always be my Top Idol forever, and it's my dream to meet her one day and see her smile for me. I have endless heaps of love for Maimai, and she'll never budge from her place in my heart.

Even though she's only been in the group for 10 months, she's smiled her way up my rankings, all the way until here. I loved Zukki ever since the auditions; her bright smile, her funny skit, and her quirky little mannerisms charmed me so much that I wanted her to get into Morning Musume so badly. When she really did get in, I was too happy for words. Yet at the same time it's like, no surprise, right? Zukki's smile is the brightest of all, when I see this happy, hyper girl I immediately feel happier. Even at the moments when she's sad, her emotions are so real and innocent that it makes me want to hug her.

Undeniably one of the most perfect girls there is. Airi's a pure powerhouse in everything; her looks, her voice, her personality. There's no one like her, and she never fails to impress me with whatever she does. Airi was the very first H!P girl that I ever saw, and it was her that led me to discover ℃-ute. So for that, thank you with all my heart, Airi! I've loved her ever since then. When I first watched Sakura Chirari, she was so adorable, so innocent with that characteristic tooth of hers that I instantly fell in love. She has the best poses, and is so lovely that I can't imagine how it would be like if I were to meet her in real life.

From the moment I saw her in the 9th gen audition, I knew she'd be an idol so special to me. There was no way she wouldn't get in, so I pinned all my hopes on her, because she showed herself to be so amazing and talented. Riho's one of the best dancers I've ever seen, especially so because she's been a dancer since such a young age. That professionalism and brilliance flavoured with an adorable, innocent personality: that's Riho. Her smiles are so precious, and they shine with genuine joy.

Yuuka was the first Egg that I ever liked, and she's carried on to become my favourite S/mileage member. There isn't a time when I can't resist that adorable puppy face of hers, or her warm, kind personality. Her voice has always been so sweet and natural to listen to, and that's what attracted me to her when I first saw her in Eggs. Everyday I enjoy reading her blog, because her blogging style is so genuine and fresh.

Every one of these girls are special to me, because they all have an individual star quality of their own that is just so appealing. Some day, I'll meet all of them and tell them how much I like them!

~ Admin Miu

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