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2nd Challenge~ Songs I always listening to~!!!

Hello everyone, this is ~Admin Min~!!!
At first I was going to do this challenge with all H!P songs because I can't show you all of my favorite songs of H!P in my 3rd challenge~ There are too many!!! But like I said on my 1st challenge, my PC has been giving me some problems for months!!!
So since I can't upload my favorite songs to Internet to show you, I decided to use YouTube to show you guys what songs I listening to almost everyday~

*By the way these songs are part of my favorite songs not my top favorite songs!!!*

2nd Challenge:
List at least 5 Songs You Always Listen(old/new) and
what do you like about it?

If it's H!P song, I just love it but not all H!P songs make it to my favorite lists~! When I found a new song to listen, I listen that song about 50 times to 200 times~ And after that if I am not sick of that song, I add it to my favorite list~^^~
There are thousand and thousands songs in my favorite list~

*This posting could be strangest posting you ever seen because I am the guy if people ask, "Why do you like it?", I always answer, "Because I like it"!!! So you may not find the reason why I like or love that songs in the description and also it could be really short*

Koi No Hana(Flower of Love) - Natsumi Abe (Niigaki Risa) (Kamei Eri) (Okai Chisato)
This is a beautiful love song~ "Koi no Hana" is Nacchi's 5th single and it's about a woman waiting for her lover to return~

BEAUTeen!! - Scandal
If you are fan of JPOP I think you know Scandal~ Scandal is a Japanese pop rock band that consists of four female members: Haruna Ono, Tomomi Ogawa, Mami Sasazaki and Rina Suzuki~! I like Scandal because I like how they formed at the beginning! There were four girls who had similar dreams met in an Osakan vocal and dance school called Caless! Eventually they became friends and decided to form Scandal~!!! Yes! These four girls worked really hard from ordinary girls to one of the Japan's popular rock band~^^~!!! And this is my favorite song of Scandal!

Brain Powered OP - In My Dream by Shingyoji Eri
If you ask me about what anime song do I like the most~? I will pick this song without any hesitation!!! Ever since I was young kid I have seen a lot of Japanese anime~ And because of that reason I know a lot of anime songs~! But this song is the best!!! I like the powerful sounds of instruments and adult like lyrics but I love the Eri-san's powerful voice the most!!! Up until now I never seen or hear someone other than Eri-san sing this song perfectly~! Some Japanese singers and idols sang this song at auditions or events but they couldn't full it off!!!

Sakura Wars OP - Geki! Teikoku Kageki-dan(Attack! Imperial Floral Assault Team)
Haha~ let's talk about game song this time! When it comes to animes or games, I am kinda include in the old gamers or anime fans~(It's because I was born before certain games and animes were created and I played & watched them!!!) And my generation was the luckiest generation when it comes to animes and games in Korea(especially games)~!!! Why do I say this? It's because 1990s are considered dawn of information age and a lot of changed were made in game & anime industries and also Korean government started import Japan's cultures around that time~!!! So a lot of games & animes were poured into Korea And I was born right before that age so I had chance to enjoy them~!!! Anyhow this game was the reason why I got the thing for the Japanese songs and got curious about Japan's culture~!!! Since game was considered as one of the greatest games of all time, there were so many merchandises were made! Costumes, figures, posters, art books, and animes and also stage play~^^~ I really thought & hoped either H!P or AKB48(H!P is a lot suitable for the job) to do stage play but it never happened.. I still hope H!P do some special stage play for this~!!!

This is from anime~

Sakuranbo is Otsuka Ai's second single song and considered as her breakthrough single because this single made her famous~^^~ Fast paced music and happy and love feeling of lyrics what's not to like~!?

This song was originally sang by Hide but I like GLAY's version better~!
Because it's more faster than Hide's original version~
But Hide's version has more depth in it!
Even though it's not GLAY's original song but this song consider as their breakthrough song~^^~

If you are H!P fan I think you know this song because it was sang by UFA members in order to help people who suffered from earthquake this spring in Japan. A very beautiful & hopeful song~

Beautiful song and lyrics~!!!

Life is like a boat - Rie Fu
This is the song I listen to when I am down!

さらば[Saraba(Farewell)] - キンモクセイ(Orange osmanthus)
Even though it has somewhat upbeat and fast pace rhythm but you can also feel some kind of sad feeling from this song! It's because of the lyrics and how they sing~

学園天国[Gakuen Tengoku(Heavenly Campus)] - Finger 5 (Andrew WK) (Dream5) (Namiki Ruri) (Okai Chisato)
Ah~ I like this song~ A quick rhythm and funny lyrics~^^~
Ruri-chan & Chissa's versions are my favorites!!!

キズナ[Kizuna(Bond)] - Hi-Fi CAMP
I love the songs that were in movies, games, or animes~!!! Because when I watch movies/animes or play games and at the perfect scene/time, the perfect songs that totally fits that scenes are played in the background!!! I get the feel of shudder all over my body~^^~ This is one of that song!!! It fits its movie perfectly~!

Lively, happy, lovely, and cheerful song~~~!!

世界に一つだけの花[Sekai Ni Hitotsu Dake No Hana(A Flower Unlike Any Other in The World)] - SMAP
Awesome song!!! Awesome lyrics! It talks about everyone is special their own way~^^~

Non stop love Yoroshiku!! - Ayanokoji Sho & Goto Maki
Like I comment on our FB fan page, everythings are unbalance~!!! Looks and voices~ It's like Beauty and the Beast~ But somehow the song is awesome~^^~!!!
I love Gocchan's tokkoufuku(type of long jacket worn by bousouzoku biker gangs)!

Boogie Train - Fujimoto Miki (Kago Ai) (Niigaki Risa) (Suzuki Airi) (S/mileage)
I think everyone knows this song~

I really love this song~!!! Why~!? What's not to love it!? Three idols who usually comes in my top 10 list are singing together in super heroine costumes~! I am a huge fan of super hero action series~^^~

Jishin Motte Yume wo Motte Tobitatsu Kara - Takahashi Ai
I listened to this song more than thousand times because I made photo slide show of Ai-chan with this song and also because I love this song~!!! The lyrics fits her situation perfectly~ And by the way, I got really surprised when I saw this MV because I was watching her making this MV in my dream befeore I knew they made this MV!!! And I don't think I have to say this but Ai-chan is one of idols who usually comes in my top 5 list!!!

*This challange took more time than I originally thought(I started writing this from 10/13)~!!! At first there were a lot more songs in the lists~^^~*

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