Thursday, October 13, 2011

3rd Challenge: Fave MoBeKiMaSu Songs

Yo, Miyo-chan here! Kyaa! the 3rd challenge is kind of hard for me, since I'm more of a C-ute fan (not entirely an HP fan) than the other groups. So I really have to think of what songs I like about the other group since my familiarity, including my fandom goes like this...


And I'm not a hypocrite to deny something like that! lol but don't get me wrong, I love HP in general, I always wish what's best for them...=)

Fave Momosu Songs

1. Go Girl Koi No Victory

I first heard of this song at one of HP's concerts way back years ago and I found out that this single was released way way way back years ago before I even started to discover HP itself, I became a fan during their Mikan days and it was their 35th single and this was their what? 20th single!? haha! It's an old song but I like listening to it, the lyrics is quite repetitive but it's cheerful and fun to listen to. There's something in this song that I could no longer found in MM's singles nowadays but I can't lay my finger as to what it is.

2. Ai Araba It's Alright

I don't know why I like this song, I just heard this during their concerts. Maybe because the melody seems to remind me of Christmas despite the lyrics is about Love. What's great about this is that no matter how many they are in the group, all members gets to shine by having solo lines unlike this days where they just give 2-3 members the lines and the rest are back-ups..

Fave Berryz Songs

1. Tsukiatteru no ni Kataomoi

Yes, this is the first song that I've heard in Berryz and is still my favorite song. Though I hated them during this time (I like them now, OK??), I hated to admit it to myself that this song is great and I like it cause it makes me sing while listening to this and Risako is really pretty here. To me, this is the best Berryz song ever!

2. Dakishimete Dakishimete

I was really happy with this song, for me this was the song that lifted my disappointment in them after having 3 singles that doesn't appeal to me at all, hence, Yuke Yuke Monkey Dance (Whaaatttt??? You've got to be kidding me) . This song is just pure awesomeness! It's cool and upbeat, the costumes and the dance is great!

Fave C-ute Songs <3

1. Namida No Iro

I actually don't care if this song is an AirixMaimi song but this is their best for me,atleast they nailed it and gave justice to the whole song. It's like a fiercer C-ute has been reborn and I really hope they stayed with this image. The Mexican-Spanish sound like song gives another feeling that really appeals to me. They are all so great in this single, the costumes, the set, the choreography, everything!!! And words are not enough to describe how much I love this song!!

2. Forever Love

This is another cool song from C-ute!! And I really like this because it showcased how good they are not only in singing but also in dancing. I like the song but not the line distribution, it's another AirixMaimi song, I usually wouldn't care but looking at the others constantly being in the back is sooo...I don't know, unfair? But whatever, this song rocks and only C-ute can make it rock! And as far as I can remember this was the last song that C-ute was a 7-nin group...It makes me miss those days, but I like the 5-nin C-ute right now...

Fave S/mileage Song

1. Uchouten Love

I'm sorry but this is the only song that I can actually say my favorite in S/mileage, not that I dislike them, it's just that I'm not an avid follower of their songs, I would usually listen to it once and that's it. But I really Like this one, it has the Parapara feel to it that reminds me of the anime SuperGals. And just like what the title of the song says, this is "Ecstatic"..Also, this was the last song of the 4-nin S/mileage, so it's really something special. I like the chorus of this song, especially at the last part where they did a short acapella..XD

Fave Mano Song

1. My Days For You

Mano Erina's songs are the most unfamiliar to me, I'm pretty sure I've listened to some of her singles, once probably and I couldn't recall them at all, sorry >.<.. But her "My Days For You" is the only one that I could recall in my head. And I'll be honest, I listen to this several times today just to point out why I like this song......She's got an impressive vocals here people! I like the tune and the melody of the songs and I'm really proud that she's an HP soloist.

I may not be an avid fan of the other groups, I may not be as hysterical to them as I am with C-ute but I will continue to support them the way I do with C-ute <3


  1. i like the list...the only i want to talk about is S/mileage...i think you should hear Yume Miru 15sai...Uchouten Love is good song but it can't beat S/mileage's debut and most popular song...

  2. S/mileage's indies singles are really good :3