Sunday, September 18, 2011

A Smile Upload Campaign for the S/mileage Sub-Members!

It was announced in the Hello!Project Official Site that there will be a smile campaign for the sub-members.
It is said that S/mileage members will visit many towns throughout Japan and have photo taken to those who live on those places.
People who got a picture taken with a sub-member will upload it in a blog or twitter.
Here's a translation my friend Yokoyama-san did:
"S/mileage come to your town?
this time's campaign is this.
Smileage sub member go throughout Japan.
they will go many towns and have photo taken by you. 
please upload the photo in your blog or twitter.
Please recommend them in your Blog,Twitter, Facebook, mix and your family and friends.
The sub-member who make smileage popular will be real smilage member.
[How to upload on Twitter]
sub-member name
Sub member go to your town? their schedule and other info is post on our HP. Please check it out.
* Tsunku consider with their Ability of Dancing, Singing, School Record and he will announce new Smileage member in "Tachi a girl" Release Event. (16-Oct at Yokohama Blitz)
[From Tsunku] 
Probably, sub member practice to be real Smileage, every day. but it's not enough. Original member did Smile campaign. they got many smile photos. I require Sub member do it again. The name is "Smile upload campaign"
In this time,they go to many towns. and the people who live in there take their photo and upload on their blog, Twitter.
I wish the information will be diffused and Smileage will be more popular.Therefore. Guys, if you meet them, please support them.
P.S.I will announce real member at Release Event of "Tachi a girl" Who is the new S/mileage member?I wish you are looking forward to it."
I'm so excited about this. Well, only people in Japan can probably participate.  There will only be a month left for them to be S/mileage sub-member, and may will be an official S/mileage after!
This will give them the chance to meet the fans who supports them fully. I don't know if they will hold an event for taking pictures or something, but I'm so excited to find it out!
Hopefully all the sub-members will make it. They did great in the concert earlier this day. :)
The new S/mileage member will be announced this coming October 16.
Let's Support Them All!


  1. i saw the s/mileage live show on youtube and it was great it was and there are all so cute all of them.

  2. when is c-ute going on youtube again?
    by antony
    if you want to send message on....
    ok or on!/antony.parker1