Sunday, September 18, 2011

Footages from Hello! Channel 5 ~Sports~

I found some footages of Hello! Channel 5 ~Sports~ from YouTube~! Thanks to the uploader "HelloProjectFrance"~!!! There were 5 games. But I only found the two of them.. Please enjoy~

Three-legged race~^^~!!!

I love when girls are keep saying "Ichi, ni, ichi, ni"~! It's so darn kawaii~^^~ And I also love the black umbrella Maimi is holding~

50m dash run!!!

I always knew °C-ute members are more athletic than Berryz Koubou members~ But I didn't know Ayacho is athletic!!! She remind me of Maimi when Maimi was at Hello! Project 2006 Sports Festival~^^~ It was the place, the term "Legend of Maimi" was born!!!

The best 5 of these 5 sport challenges:
1. Maimi
2. Ayacho
3. Chissa
4. Nakky
5. Mizuki


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