Sunday, September 18, 2011

S/mileage Fall Concert Tour ~Gakushuu no Chou Mini Skirt~ Mini Review~!

S/mileage's 2011 Fall Concert on September 18 report is here!
So, who watched the concert? Isn't it amazing?
Many people waited for the smiling concert,
While waiting before the concert starts, they played the PV of the Up-front artists' Ganbarou Nippon Ai wa Katsu.
Just few minutes later, it started.
The setlist that was reported by Hello!Sayunii is still the same, except for the MC parts. I never thought that S/mileage will rock the stage more than I expected.
In the 2nd MC, they announced about the Smile Upload Campaign which I posted earlier. Oh, and during the MC, Meimi's laughing so cutely. XD Afterwards, the waited part, where only the sub-members will take part in!
They first performed the first indie single of the group "Ama no Jaku". I can somewhat tell that they're singing live, especially Meimi.
Meimi got lost in some notes during the Yume Miru 15. But she still did her best, and kept the performance going.
Solo medley came, and I really love this part. The 1st gen's stunning voice suits in the song they sang. It has a strong intense feeling that made me want to listen more.
The whole concert mostly got a 4-nin performance. There are only few songs that ALL the members took part in together, and the sub-members don't have so much lines in the 4-nin formation, and also in the whole group formation. That made me somewhat disappointed. But it still was a great concert.
Oh, she somewhat reminds me of the young Umeda Erika.. isn't she?
 The concert ended with an amazing encore. It is a great concert that will never be forgotten. Even though the camera's focus was mostly in the 1st gen, it's still a great concert.
I'm just a little depress because I didn't get enough photos of the sub members during the concert.
Daijobou, atleast I heard them all singing. I love Meimi!! I'm totally a big fan of her now. She's the most energetic member during the concert.. LOVE IT..
Here are some screen shots taken, and you can check our Hello!Project Unofficial FaceBook Page for more photos!

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