Sunday, September 11, 2011

How will Yajima Maimi and Nakajima Saki's movie "Zomvideo" be turn out~~?

I am really curious about this movie~ And how it's gonna tell us the zombie story in horrible and comic way~ I already know this movie will be about zombies roaming around the office and the story’s heroine, Aiko (Yajima), will stand up against zombies to escape. The official website wrote, "In order to break out of the office full of writhing zombies, the heroine Aiko rises!". But I have know idea what kind of role Nakky's gonna play~!! I know it's will be the world's "CUTEST" zombie movie ever made~^^~ Now enjoy some photos!

I think Nakky could be part zombie/human~ Or she could be person who pretends to be a zombie because she is trying to find her lost friend or family. I am saying this because of her face make-up and antenna hair style like other zombies~ It could be Maimi VS Nakky~

Some people said Nakky's character name in the movie is "Kanayama Tomoko". Because of the name tag in the picture above!

Maimi has serious face in this photo!


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