Sunday, September 11, 2011

Please Support Aibon!

Kago Ai attempted suicide just this afternoon by drinking large amounts of medicines and cutting her wrist. Gladly, her life in now not in danger. 

"On September 11th, former Morning Musume member Kago Ai (23) was found on the floor in her apartment by her agency officials.
According to the Azabu Police, Kago had slit her wrist and was quickly transported to a hospital. Her life is not in danger.
Kago’s agency officials immediately rushed over to her apartment when she hinted suicide during a phone call. When they got there, they found her on the ground in a haze, and reported the incident to the police. She’s suspected of consuming large amounts of medication, and the police are investigating this as a planned suicide.
On September 6th, Kago’s boyfriend Ando Haruhiko (44) was arrested due to mafia affiliations. Kago Ai herself was taken in for questioning.
" --Tokyohive
I'm so shock hearing this news, I never thought that Aibon will ever do this kind of thing. Well, if it base to her life right now, it may be expected that she'll do something. It's just so sad that her life turns this way. I guess, she's feeling so depress about the things turned in the curved way.
I'm also glad that she's now fine, and have nothing to worry about. Since she's not in the danger state. But hopefully everyone will pray for her and keep supporting her.
I think fans will make her feel better, so let us all support her from the deepest of our hearts.



  1. I just @ messaged her on Twitter. I don't know if it will help, but I told her to this:

    @lovbus Life isn't as bad as you think! Don't give up Aibon!! There are so many fans who care about you!!!

    人生は悪くないよ! 絶対あきらめない!! あいぼんが大好き!!!

  2. I hope she is allright, support her.

  3. I hope Aibon pulls through this. She's really one of my most favorite idols.

  4. T.T aibon, life gets better, dont leave us please. listening to your voice helped me when i was in such a dark place please dont take yourself away from us T.T