Saturday, September 10, 2011

Takahashi Ai Has Been Picked as the Best Dancers Among H!P Leaders and Soloist!

Ai-chan has been picked as the best dancers among H!P leaders and soloist..YEY! BANZAI!
The votes for the top two was so close! Well, I was hoping Saki will win, since she's one of my favorite top dancers..

Well, since, maybe this will be Ai-chan's last banner, I'm making it special. I'm glad I found some photos of her doing some swaying balance that interpret her winning poll. 
As for the 2nd poll, people chose Purple/Violet among the 7 colors I put in the choices. I think I didn't made the best background that was in my mind, but I'll do my best to make the best one!
Also, the blog has finally reached 40K views! Thank you so much! I never thought that we would reach this far, thanks to my wonderful CCS team that help me keeping this blog up.. Thank you for reading our blog, it means a lot to me and for the whole team.. THANKS! :)

Well, as for the next poll, Miu suggested to have "Which PV Do You Love Most in the Newest Momosu Single?"... Please Vote!

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  1. wow ai-chan is lovely...the dress is a tad bunched up there in the one pic though 0.o