Thursday, September 22, 2011

Bunch of former & current H!P members' Web/TV shows~!!!

Hello everyone, I uploaded some TV/Web shows of former & current Hello! Project members on my Dailymotion account~! And from now on, I will try to upload any videos related to H!P on my account once a week~!!!(At least one video will be uploaded once a week!)


Mai Satoda - Mignon Nouveau 20110914

Asami Konno - Eiga - Moteki - Koukai Kinen SP...

Sayumi Michishige - Hitoshi Matsumoto no oo na...

Saki Nakajima - P-League Bowling 20110918

Miki Fujimoto - Za! Sekai Gyoten News 20110831

Trend + Yossy Navi 20110918

Asami Konno - BS Japan - Announcer Laboratory...


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  1. Could you put some of these videos on youtube?