Thursday, September 22, 2011

The continuing support for Takitty

I can't believe Ai-chan will be graduating soon!! >.<...

Though I am not a big fan of Ai-chan, I'm really gonna miss her after she graduates. I got used to her as MM's leader and HP's queen bee so I really can't imagine the changes that take place in Morning Musume and in Hello Project after she walks out of the stage.

Ai-chan has and is one of those artists that I would consider as Hello Project's asset considering her talents both in dancing and in singing and not to mention she's one of the best faces in HP, she's a total package. Even after her graduation I think I could still say that "I'm glad she's a part of Hello Project Family"

We have previously blogged on a campaign for her graduation, so don't miss it!! And we have launched a facebook page for Ai-chan "I support Ai Takahashi" please like it and write your message of support/love for Ai-chan. Let's cherish her remaining days both in morning musume and hello project

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