Friday, November 5, 2010

Pocket Morning Weekly Q&A (week of 01/31/2010)

Question [Note: not actually a question]: If there is any food that's not really your specialty, but you have confidence in cooking it, please let us know.

Takahashi-san: cooked komatsuna

Gaki-san: hmm.. omelette rice...? Maybe??!!

Eririn: I don't think I have a specialty. I really don't cook at all lately. But I don't feel bad about that..No, I really don't!

Sayumin: Sauteed meat and vegetables. I specialize in sauteed food.

Tanaka-san: I'm not sure if it counts as cooking, but...Shredded onion. I really love to shred food lately.. Ufuu

Mittsi:[pork] cutlet! I think my battering and portioning are the best!! Personally, I'm a cutlet lover, so I like to experiment, but I think experimenting is what it makes it so good

Junjun: Junjun style fried rice.. [hii-hii]

Linlin: cup ramen (^_^)

Momusu sure is healthy, right? all of them are vegetable lovers, such as sayu and Ai-chan. Eri seems like she's not really fond of cooking also Reina, Sayu's the opposite, as the member who has the biggest appetite, she really knew a lot of cooking food. Totally want to taste Junjun's specialty, it'll be..uhhmm.. chinese style, right? Wooow!!

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