Friday, November 5, 2010

Pocket Morning Weekly Q&A (week of 01/24/2010)

Question: What kind of machine do you wish you could have?

Takahashi-san: A teleportation machine

Gaki-san: Mufufu..A machine that I could go hang out with whenever I have some time off.

Eririn: A machine that would do all the morning preparations for me. For example..changing clothes, etc. But it would be more "iyaan" than "chiin"
[Note: "Chiin" is the sound of a microwave oven when it's done cooking]

Sayumin: A machine that would prevent me from getting fat when eating, and from swelling up from drinking..

Tanaka-san: A machine that'd let me teleport anywhere when I enter, so I could move to any place I wanted to go to instantly..

Mittsi: A machine that would fix my hair in the same way as make up artists do!! I could gain volume or braid my hair myself, so it'd be useful during a live tour.

Junjun: A door that would let me go anywhere...I really want that!

Linlin: A machine that would cook and clean up my room for me..

Momusu really wants to go anywhere! most of them are answering for teleportation..Eri and Linlin's seems to be having similar answers. Do Sayumi really makes herself fat when eating(much)??? She really has the big appetite among the members. Mittsi seems to be wanting a make up artist machine. That would be interesting.. ^_^


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