Friday, November 5, 2010

Pocket Morning Weekly Q&A (week of 02/07/2010)

"Question:" Please let us know your idea of what makes one wake up instantly!

Takahashi-san: putting ice in your eyelids!!!!

Gaki-san: a voice saying "Risa! you're late!!"

Eririn: Splashing water onto your face.. Definitely

Sayumin: I challenge myself with "If you don't wake up now, something bad will happen today!"

Tanaka-san: wash your face with cold water!!!

Mittsi: keep a pet, it wouldn't work with birds and hamsters, but a dog or a monkey would wake me up! if I trained them, they would be doing that for me..

Junjun: put in eye drops

Linlin: use your hands to pull back your eyelids..

This is one of Momusu's funny Q&A. Risa's answer really is hilarious, I find it more funny than others. Mittsi's a pet lover? wow! never thought of that, so that's why she loves dolphins so much during their Hawaii trip. Putting ice in your eyelids kinda scares me a little. My eyes will surely turn to red. ahaha..


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