Friday, November 5, 2010

Pocket Morning Weekly Q&A (week of 02/14/2010)

Question: Who amongst the members spends the least time on the phone?

Takahashi-san: Me?

Gaki-san: uhmm.. who?! no idea! >.<.. Ai-chan, I guess?! maybe...

Eririn: Probably Ai-chan.. She looks hasty. I mean she actually is hasty. She's right in front of me now-nie~

Sayumin: Mitssui.. I can hardly recollect her putting the phone to her ear...>-<

Tanaka-san: Aika, I've almost never seem her calling anyone!!!

Mittsi: Kamei-san! she often plays with her phone, but I've almost never seen her talking into it.

Junjun: Tanaka-san? or Kamei-san?

Linlin: Really? who could it be?

Now, this is hilarious. Aika mostly never talk to the phone, another answer was Ai-chan. I really want to witness these things, where they spent less time with phone calls..


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