Friday, November 5, 2010

Pocket Morning Weekly Q&A (week of 02/21/2010)

Question: Which Musume member spends the most time on the phone?

Takahashi-san: J U N J U N

Gaki-san: Tanakacchi of course

Eririn: Gaki-san! She seems to be talking all the time..Actually, she's right next to me now-nie~~

Sayumin: Junjun, she's always on the phone. And always for a long time!! and for some reason, speaking softly

Tanaka-san: Jun= I'm sure she never stops talking, even late at night--!!!

Mittsi: Niigaki-san! I often see her spending her free time phoning-!!

Junjun: That would be me~~!!! (laughs)

Linlin: Let me see.. probably myself! Because I call my dad and mom every day..

This time is about the member who spend most time on the phone. Junjun seems to be talking to her love ones in China everyday, I think that would take a long time to end, also Linlin, calling her parents in china..that would be a very long distance call, right?


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