Friday, November 5, 2010

Pocket Morning Weekly Q&A (week of 02/28/2010)

Question: Who is the first one to fall asleep while traveling?

Takahashi-san: Linlin. You just hear her talking, and when you turn to her, she's already asleep.

Gaki-san: Sayumin? Linlin? one of them probably..

Eririn: Linlin, she seems to be sleeping all the time..

Sayumin: Me, I think..I'm always the the first one to sleep. So I have no idea if who else could it be..

Tanaka-san: Sayu= before you notieced, she's already alseep...zzz..I have this image of her sleeping with her mask on, leaning out of the seat..

Mittsi: Linlin! she listens to music and tilts her head back while she's sleeping..

Junjun: Michishige-san!

Linlin: Me! I love to sleep..

Morning musume used to travel from place to place especially when it is a tour. I wonder when they'll have their world tour? that'll be really great! oh, anyway, It seems linlin's the one who's sleeping a lot, and she really admits it. Secondly, is sayumi, they really sleep a lot..


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