Friday, November 5, 2010

Pocket Morning Weekly Q&A (week of 03/07/2010)

Question: Have you ever bought something and later wondered why you bought it?

Many, many things. So many that they literally rot there, 
especially in my fridge. I don't eat it, then the expiration 
date passes and I just end up throwing it out...

I don't think I have anything like that.

I have so many things like that, of course!

Pencils. I don't have a sharpener...

The double bed in my room!! 
It takes too much space, I hardly ever use it, 
and it would have been better if I bought a 
semi-double instead. Or something like that? (lol)

I often buy candies or fruit in big packs,
but I don't get around to eating them until after 
the expiration date. I often regret it then...

A blender, because I just end up eating 
the fruits as they are...

Food. Because if there's any around,
I always eat it all.

They're really busy, forgetting something that thing to use or it 'til the expiring date. Gaki said that she don't know know if she had anything like it, and hey!  Eri made it all opposite,she has many. Sayu's pencil without a sharpener seems to be funny for me, that sometimes happens to me. It such a waste if you don't use the blender if you'll just eat the fruits without blending it, junjun.


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